Family, friends, prayer and the power of positive thinking

by Jackie Nickel (Essex Avenue News, 7/18/2007)

Well, I’m back again after another week’s break due to illness where Jean has aptly filled in this column space. And it’s time for an explanation to readers and fans of the Avenue… where has she been?

Well, I’ve been in and out of the hospital since the end of May being treated for a reoccurrence of the cancer that was discovered over six years ago. So many of you have experienced the disease yourself or within your family that I know you understand the feeling of learning “it’s back.” Hardly a day or ache or pain goes by without that dread but when you face the reality, you face the challenge.

I’ve had diagnostic and other surgery and have now begun chemotherapy at Franklin Square. To those docs and nurses, I am so grateful. What wonderful care I’ve received.

Next week I start my second round of chemo and while it’s not easy, there are tougher things I can think of. For me, the aftereffects following chemo were worse than the treatment. But I’m tough, hanging in there and keeping a positive attitude.

Already, I’ve been showered with cards, prayers and good wishes, even from folks I don’t know, from as far away as Ohio. How heartwarming is that! I’m on prayer lists as far away as Seattle, WA as well as included in local prayer groups – and I welcome them all!

I’m pretty weak as you might imagine so in the weeks I can’t get myself together enough to write, Jean will fill in. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I’ll keep you updated.

Summertime TV: Being incapacitated for a few weeks brings more than a healthy opportunity to catch up on TV. Unfortunately, there’s nothing on in the summer. The one show I can usually rely upon for something new is Larry King Live on CNN at 9pm. Larry will have a couple nights of good guests each week, then resort back to topics surrounding Paris Hilton, wrestler Steve Benoit’s death, celebs in rehab, etc. You wouldn’t even know there’s a war going on in Iraq, a healthcare crisis in America, or a huge surge in violent crime.

I’ve also been watching a lot of home improvement shows which inspire me to get well soon and redecorate. Your body is like your home and when it needs to be fixed, ya gotta get it fixed! Take care now – and thanks again for your support.

Jackie Nickel

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